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Born into a musical family, Mutnuri Srinivasa Narasimha Murthy or MSN Murthy, as he is known, was hailed as a child prodigy. Given the unusual circumstance, he was exempted in age and selected as a graded artiste by All India Radio at 14.MSN Murthy is graded "Top" in Violin, A grade in Vocal, and A grade in Viola. He has won a high degree of critical acclaim from discerning connoisseurs and is known for his amazing and silk smooth yet crisp tonal quality, purity of tone, fine aesthetic sense and command over the instrument. His style is unique and very distinctive - for Violin or Viola Solo as well as Accompaniment. As an accompanist, MSN Murthy has achieved the distinction of having accompanied almost all veteran vidwans of yesteryears and most of the leading contemporary artists. MSN Murthy is recognized for his committed contribution to the field of classical music. His performances include various prestigious centers of Art and Culture, like the esteemed Lincoln Center, New York and many universities across the globe. He performed in the first ever Thyagaraja Uthsavam in Bangkok, Thailand. The album, “HEALING MAGIC” by MSN Murthy has been very popular among music lovers and has been producing exceptional results in healing. He has been instrumental in bringing out three monumental books into print, Thyagaraja Geyartha Kunchika, Annamayya Padartha Prakasika and Raga Darshini, which were written by his Guru, Sangita Sahitya Kalanidhi Sriman. N. Ch. Krishnamacharyulu. He has toured extensively all over the world. Renowned for Composing Performing intricate Pallavis and exhibiting rare exceptional visualization and execution of the mathematics in music.